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André Wendland



André Wendland (born 1995) studies at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe in the class of Tatjana Doll. In 2021, Wendland received the scholarship from the German National Academic Foundation.

André Wendland paints on a range of surfaces, including flat screens, antique tube TVs, and discarded cell phones, always with a cartoon aesthetic. Wendland's work frequently features characters from the Simpsons or Mickey Mouse. Although Wendland isn't always concerned with narrative representation, wit and humour are omnipresent. His motifs, as well as the formats, grew more image-filling and larger with time.

Wendland enjoys exhibiting his art in settings different than the typical studio environment or on white walls. The artist has displayed his car paintings on the streets of his city, for example, in search of environments that complement the theme of his images.
@ courtesy of MISA Art & the artist


  • BOXED IN - Solo Show at Plain Gallery, Milan, Italy (2022)


  • "Sommerausstellung" at Kunstakademie Karlsruhe, Germany (2022)
  • "NBB III" exhibition at NBB Gallery, Berlin, Germany (2022)
  • Premiere Exhibition at Better Go South Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany (2022)
  • misa.art POP-UP by König Galerie at the Gallery Weekend Berlin, Germany (2022)
  • "Chronicles 4" group show by Galerie Droste at KPM at the Gallery Weekend Berlin, Germany (2022) 
  • DUO SHOW "What's Cookin' Doc" at Valerius Gallery, Luxembourg (2022) 
  • "Animal Show" at Galleria Acappella during ART DAYS Napoli & Campania, Naples, Italy (2021)
  • "NBB PAPERWORKS VOL II" exhibition at NBB Gallery, Berlin, Germany (2021)
  • "Jahresausstellung" at Kunstakademie Karlsruhe, Germany (2021)
  • "Arch & Posed" - online group exhibition, curated by ART VERGE X FIGURATIVE VERTIGO (2021)
  • "The very nice group show" at Galerie Zberro, Paris, France (2021)
  • Group Show at Cohle Gallery, Paris, France (2021) 
  • Exlusive Release at Guy Hepner Editions, New York, USA (2021) 
  • "Don’t go South" - group show at Studio Berkheim together with Allison Zuckermann, Museum für moderne Kunst, Stuttgart, Germany (2021) 
  • "Sommerausstellung" at Kunstakademie Karlsruhe, Germany (2021)
  • "Jung x 5" - Group show at Plain Gallery, Milan, Italy (2021)
  • Show at 43. Kunstpreis „Witz und Ironie“ at Kunstpreis der Kulturstiftung der Sparkasse Karlsruhe, Germany (2020) 
  • Various shows with Galerie Bovistra, Stuttgart, Germany (2016-2020)

Art Fairs

  • CAN ART FAIR 2022, Ibiza, Spain (with Galerie Droste)
  • Group show MISA VAN HAM KUNST_HALLE, Wesseling nearby Cologne, Alemania - partnership between Koenig Gallery & VAN HAM (2021),  parallel to ART COLOGNE
  • Art Verona, Italy 2021 (with Plain Gallery)


Instagram: @andrewendland

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What is the biggest challenge you face when making a painting?

"At the moment, composition plays a very big role in my work. I need some time for this in the beginning, until I am satisfied and can get started. I also like to use my iPad for the first sketches, because I can work pretty quickly and cleanly there. If the composition fits and I work on the first parts, I usually do not think so much about what I could do wrong. I also often decide the colours quite spontaneously. In the whole painting process, of course, you always come to points where you need to decide how to continue or even when the last brush stroke is made. In the end, the painting is only a string of decisions that were made."

André Wendland, 2021