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Julia Benz (born 1985 in Wittlich, Germany) lives and works in Heidelberg, Germany. Julia Benz graduated with a Master’s degree in Painting from University of Arts Berlin. Her paintings celebrate the borderline between the daily visible and mystical seclusion. Both worlds of experience are not mutually exclusive, but influence each other dynamically, creating fine intermediate levels and distant horizons of interpretation. The apparentness and disguise, the concrete form and the abstract dissolution go hand in hand in Benz’s paintings and celebrate the ambivalence as a contextual and compositional occasion, allowing the viewer to connect with known forms and immediately let them fall into a bottomless cosmos of color.

Julia Benz paints on paper, canvas as well as on murals and combines different materials which makes her work complex and versatile

@ courtesy of  the artist & Helene Bosecker


  • Upcoming: Solo Show in London, UK (August 2022)
  • Floating Shapes - temporary Installation in the city center of Heidelberg, Germany (2022)
  • Oscillation: Solo Show at Galerie Köppe Contemporary Berlin, Germany (2022)
  • Across my Universe, Maison de Heidelberg, Montpellier, France (2021)
  • Two SolosAffenfaust Gallery, Hamburg, Germany (2021)
  • Slow Dance, Mirus Gallery, San Francisco, USA (online, 2021)
  • Julia Benz meets Urban Loft Cologne, Urban Loft Cologne, Germany (2020)
  • Out of mind. Just in Time, Galerie Gerald Hartinger Fine Arts in Vienna, Austria (2019)
  • Between the lines, Die Kunstagentin Galerie in Cologne, Germany (2019)
  • Catharsis, Galerie Gerken in Berlin, Germany (2019)
  • Not my Circus, Not my Monkeys, Fousion Gallery in Barcelona, Spain (2017)
  • In a while Crocodile, Plastic Murs Gallery in Valencia, Spain (2017)
  • varios solo exhibitions in Germany (2013-2016)


  • Calle Libre Festival at Nordwestbahnhof, Vienna, with Galerie Gerald Hartinger (2022)
  • Icons of Pop & Street Art II - with Andy Warhol, Banksy ans Keith Haring - Galerie Gerald Hartinger, Velden am Wörthersee, Austria (2022)
  • Impulsive Intuition - Duo-Show with Kenor at Fousion Gallery in Barcelona, Spain (2022)
  • Sneak Peek at Mirus Gallery in Los Angeles, USA (2021)
  • Icons of Pop & Street Art - with Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Banksy - Galerie Gerald Hartinger, Wörthersee, Austria (2021)
  • For Free, Galerie Andreas Binder, Munich, Germany (2021)
  • art-hoc, Düsseldorf art Gallery, Düsseldorf, Germany (2021)
  • Forever21, digital exhibition with Jim Avignon, 44 Flavors, Clemens Behr, Rabea Senftenberg, Fehmi Baumbach, DAG, organized by Jim Avignon, Worldwide (2021)
  • Fousion Finest, Fousion Gallery in Barcelona, Spain (2020)
  • In Between Space, Time and a Pattern of Chaos, Fousion Gallery in Barcelona, Spain (2020)
  • Tomorrow never knows, mit Jim Avignon, Galerie Köppe Contemporary in Berlin, Germany (2020)
  • Explore the Maze, Maze Gallery in London, UK (2019)
  • Aporias, Mirus Gallery in San Francisco, USA (2019)
  • varios group exhibitions across Europe (2012-2019)

Art Fairs

  • Drap’Art’20 Barcelona, Spain (with Fousion Gallery)
  • District 13 International Art Fair 2019, Paris, France (with Fousion Gallery)
  • Urvanity Art Fair Madrid 2019, Spain (with Fousion Gallery)
  • Urvanity Art Fair Madrid 2018, Spain (with Fousion Gallery)
  • SCOPE Basel 2018, Switzerland (with Fousion Gallery)

Julia Benz is representend by Galerie Gerald Hartinger Fine Arts & Fousion Gallery and exhibited by Mirus Gallery.

Instagram:  @benzpainting

Works in Collection


A bottomless cosmos of color


Julia´s inspiration comes from a variety of sources while nature, abstraction, and outer space are some common themes. She fuses figurative to conceptual art, using diverse media on walls, canvases or even boats.Her masterful use of living colors has become her trademark and her obsession, as she believes, that each shade of color correspond to a different emotion.

Julia creates her abstract dissolution by overlapped layers into a bottomless cosmos of color. As this happens without a strict pre-conception or composition, it leaves space for interpretation with a deep trust in the process, that characterizes her work. 


@ courtesy of  Fousion Gallery