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Rosalind Howdle

United Kingdom



Rosalind Howdle (born 1997) is a London-based artist. She obtained a BA in Painting from Camberwell, UAL, and on graduating was awarded the Vanguard Prize. She has also studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and Emily Carr University of Art and Design. She is currently completing an MA in Painting at the RCA as a recipient of the Ali H. Alkazzi Scholarship and has exhibited in London, Vancouver and Berlin.

Sliding between humour and horror, Rosalind Howdle’s paintings are an exploration of the uncanny. She plays upon the tradition of still life with her attention to colour, line and composition, but this is subverted by the nature of her subject matter. Within the themes of costume, mutation and body horror, these paintings toe the line between the disturbing and the playful.  

@ courtesy of  the artists and RCA

Group exhibitions 

  • Anywhere In Between at The Tub, Hackney, Broadway Market Mews, London, UK (2022)
  • Equal quantities of everything at The Baths gallery space, London, UK (2022)
  • what is becoming us:RCA Painting '22 Grad off-site Extension Show at Rupture XIBIT, London, UK (2022)
  • Royal College of Art - Graduate show, London, UK (2022)
  • Summer Fling - Group show at Lupo Gallery, Milan, Italy (2022)
  • Women Exposed - A female gaze at the feminine body in its sexual state, online exhibition, London, UK (2021)
  • UNreal at Upfront Gallery, London, UK (2021)
  • The ‘London 5’ Artists ‘Journeys’ Exhibition at Galerie Rowland & Kutschera, during Gallerie Weekend Berlin, Germany (2018)

Instagram: @rosalindhowdle

"My work usually unfurls from a small point: from a pun, thesis, or visual simile. I’m also interested in the status of painting (as an image-making endeavour) in the internet-era, where the image has become ubiquitous, self-replicating, incorporeal and detachable from context. My paintings often mirror qualities of the digital and cyberspace. Here, classical physics has abdicated: gravity gives way to the upscrolling feed, light is that 24/7 glow of the monitor, and space is flattened to the browser tab."  

@ Rosalind Howdle, 2020

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